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Dermatoglyphs of Klinefelter's syndrome.
  1. H Shiono,
  2. J Kadowaki,
  3. H Tanda,
  4. M Hikita


    The dermatoglyphs of 28 Japanese with Klinefelter's syndrome [24 XXY; 2 XXYY; 1 XXXY; 1 XXXXY] were compared with 544 male and 129 female controls. These patients showed high frequencies of fingertip arches pattern, right third interdigital loops, right hypothenar patterns (Lr) and line C terminating 0 in the right hand. The mean summed a-b ridge count of Klinefelter's syndrome patients was significantly lower than that of the male controls. We suggest that an increase in the number of X or Y chromosomes decreased the a-b ridge count in a similar way to the decrease in total finger ridge count.

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