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Inclusion of satellites in an 18/21 translocation chromosome shown by ammonical-silver staining (sat-banding) in case of partial trisomy 18.
  1. R L Neu,
  2. C C Ortega,
  3. G A Barg,
  4. W Pinto, Jr,
  5. L I Gardner,
  6. W M Howell,
  7. T E Denton


    A male infant with a partial trisomy 18 and a 46,XY, --21, t(18;21)(18qter replaced by 18q12::21 p13 replaced by 21 qter) chromosome complement is described. The translocation chromosome is of special interest because it includes the satellites of chromosome 21. This was shown by differential satellite staining with the ammoniacal-silver technique.

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