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Association of D/D translocations with fetal wastage and aneuploidy. A report of four families.
  1. P M Fernhoff,
  2. D N Singh,
  3. J Hanson,
  4. S Trusler,
  5. C R Dumont,
  6. A T Chen


    Four families are described with a t(13q14q) segregating. Two of them were identified through index cases with Down's syndrome; their karotypes revealed the unusual 46,XY, -13, -14, +t(13q14q), +21. The other two families were identified through a chromosomal study of parents with repeated spontaneous abortions. Analysis of data on 3 of these 4 families and on 7 other from the published reports showed no evidence of increased fetal wastage among 13/14 carriers. However, the risk of producing offspring with various types of aneuploidy may be greater among carriers than among persons with a normal chromosome pattern. Qualitative and quantitative differences in D/D translocations may account for the observed variation in clinical findings. These differences add to the problem of determining genetic risks from an analysis of grouped data.

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