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Behaviour of cell cultures from human amniotic fluid.
  1. L Hasholt


    The growth pattern of cell cultures originating from 11 amniotic fluid specimens have been observed. From each specimen 2 to 12 primary cultures were set up. In most cases growth started simultaneously in the primary cultures originating from one sample. The primary cultures lasted from 7 to 30 days. A variation was found both between cultures from different pregnancies as well as among cultures obtained from single amniotic fluids. The growth period from setting up the cultures until harvest of the cell lines for biochemical analysis ranged from 20 to 54 days. No connexion was noticed between the time spent in primary culture and the behaviour of the cell line before harvest. The effects of two types of serum (fetal calf serum and pooled human serum) on the behaviour of the cultures were compared. The cells grown in human serum were harvested a few days before those grown in fetal calf serum. The influence of different batches of medium was also examined; no significant effect of the growth pattern was found. The appearance of epithelial-like and fibroblast-like cells in cultures from 6 specimens was observed concurrently. At the time of harvest the cell lines originating from the same amniotic specimen contained the cell types in different proportions.

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