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Prenatal evaluation in a case of familial Y chromosome long arm deletion (Yq—)
  1. M. Neil Macintyre,
  2. Ronald C. Rustad,
  3. Karen Boerger Turk**
  1. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio, USA


    A case is reported in which a deleted Y chromosome was found in a fetal karyotype during a prenatal diagnosis performed because of maternal age anxiety. Quinacrine fluorescence studies demonstrated the same deleted Y in the child's father. The possibility of a reciprocal translocation in the father with a genetically unbalanced condition in the fetus was a concern. Careful examination of the father's karyotype and the study of other reported cases involving deleted Y chromosomes led to the conclusion that the fetal karyotype was genetically balanced. The prediction of a normal fetal development was confirmed at the child's birth.

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    • Departments of Anatomy and Pediatrics.

    • Departments of Radiology, Anatomy, and Biology.

    • ** Department of Anatomy.

    • * Research supported in whole or in part by grants from the Brush Foundation and Atomic Energy Commission Contract No. W-31-109-ENG-78 (Report No. C00-78-281).