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δβ-Thalassaemia in two Turkish families
  1. Muzaffer Aksoy,
  2. SŃakir Erdem,
  3. Günçaǧ Dinçol
  1. Section of Haematology, Internal Clinic of Istanbul Medical School, Çapa, Istanbul, Turkey


    Two Turkish families with δβ-thalassaemia are presented. Two sibs belonging to one of these families were doubly heterozygous for both δβ-thalassaemia and β-thalassaemia. The levels of fetal haemoglobin in these two sibs were quite different, namely 49·5 and 75·6%, respectively. The problem of δβ-thalassaemia in Turkey is discussed.

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    • * This study was supported by a grant (TAG/172) from the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey.