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Absence of the α-thalassaemia syndromes in Egyptian Arabs
  1. O. Selim,
  2. K. Kamel*,
  3. F. Sabry,
  4. A. Ibrahim,
  5. D. J. Weatherall
  1. Clinical Pathology Department, Ain-Shams University Medical School, Abbassiah, Cairo, Egypt
  2. El-Galaa Maternity Hospital, Egyptian Ministry of Public Health
  3. The Department of Haematology, The University of Liverpool, United Kingdom


    An investigation was undertaken to find the incidence of α-thalassaemia in Egypt. Blood was collected from the umbilical cords of 550 newborns and from 630 adults from central hospitals in Cairo that drain patients from all over Egypt.

    Starch gel electrophoreses at both pH 8·6 and 7·0, and brilliant cresyl blue incubation revealed the absence of haemoglobins Barts and H in the blood specimens examined.

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