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Histidinaemia in a consanguineous marriage
  1. I. Rostenberg**,
  2. J. Guïzar**,
  3. I. Alejandre,
  4. S. Benïtez,
  5. S. Armendares**


    Support to the autosomal recessive inheritance for histidinaemia is given by the finding of an affected product from a first-cousin marriage. The histidine loading test done on the parents confirms previous reports that female heterozygous metabolize the amino acid at a slower rate than male heterozygous.

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    • ** Sección de Genética, Departamento de Investigación Cientïfica, IMSS, Apartado Postal 73/032, México 73, DF.

    • Laboratorio de Nutrición, Hospital de Pediatria, CMN, IMSS, Av. Cuauhtémoc 330, México 7, DF.

    • * This work was partially supported by a grant from The Ford Foundation.