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Haemoglobin H disease and β-thalassaemia: Clinical haematological and electrophoretic studies in a family from South Lebanon
  1. Munib J. Shahid,
  2. Farid P. Khouri,
  3. Itaf F. Sahli
  1. Departments of Internal Medicine and Clinical Pathology, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon


    A family is described in which four sibs are affected with haemoglobin H disease. To our knowledge, this is the first instance where this disorder has been encountered in the Lebanon. In fact only a few cases have so far been reported from the Arab world.

    All four sibs had typical haemoglobin H bands on electrophoretic examination, and characteristic intracorpuscular inclusion bodies were demonstrated in a variable proportion of their erythrocytes, as well as in cells from a younger sib and from the mother. The latter also had elevation of the Hb-A2 fraction, and it is suggested that the above family has a combination of α- and β-thalassaemia.

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    • Deceased on 25 August 1973.

    • * Supported by research contract No. 371/0B from the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna.