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Evidence for autosomal recessive inheritance in cerebral gigantism
  1. S. Nevo*,
  2. M. Zeltzer,
  3. A. Benderly,
  4. J. Levy


    Three cases of cerebral gigantism, two sibs and their double first cousin, are described in a large inbred family from Israel. Two of the three were observed and diagnosed at birth and two were followed for two years. They all presented the signs and symptoms considered typical of this syndrome, as well as some of the less frequent findings. Generalized oedema and flexion contractures of the feet were observed in two of the three at birth. This has not hitherto been reported in cases of cerebral gigantism, of whom only a few have been observed and diagnosed at birth. Autosomal recessive inheritance is clearly implied in this family.

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    • * Human Genetic Laboratory, Department of Biology, The University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel.

    • Rambam Government Hospital, Haifa, Israel.