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D/D Translocations in Males Examined for Military Service
  1. Eva Zeuthen,
  2. Johannes Nielsen
  1. Cytogenetic Laboratory, Århus State Hospital, Risskov, Denmark


    Three males with Robertsonian translocations were found in a sample of 1115 males examined for military service. One was a 14/15 translocation, and two were 13/14 translocations. One was spontaneous and two familial. The segregation rate of the translocations did not deviate significantly from unity in the sibships where the mother was the carrier, whereas all five children had the translocation in the two sibships where the father was the carrier. There were no abortions and no aneuploid chromosome abnormalities in the progeny of carriers with D/D translocation. There were no indications of any association between the D/D translocations and physical or mental development.

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