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Preliminary Communication: Familial Accumulation of Carriers of Au Antigen
  1. Timo Helske,
  2. H. R. Nevanlinna
  1. 1Finnish Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service, Helsinki 31, Finland


    The sibs and parents of 83 Au-positive blood donors were tested in order to study the possible family clustering of Au positives in a population with a low frequency of carriers of Australia (Au) antigen. Tested by counterelectrophoresis the incidence of Au antigen in the parents of Au-positive persons is 5·4% and in the sibs 17·9%, compared to 0·15% in blood donors.

    The hypothesis that the Au-carrier state is genetically determined was tested by calculating the proportion of Au-positive children in the families. The results are not inconsistent with a recessive mode of inheritance but do not allow definitive conclusions to be drawn.

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