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A Case of Trisomy 9
  1. Murray Feingold,
  2. Leonard Atkins
  1. Center for Genetic Counseling, New England Medical Center (Boston Floating Hospital for Infants and Children), Tufts University School of Medicine, USA
  2. The James Homer Wright Pathology Laboratories of the Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


    The first patient with trisomy 9, an infant who survived 28 days, is reported. Clinical findings included microcephaly, low-set malformed ears, small palpebral fissures, enophthalmos, bulbous nose, micrognathia, low hairline, congenital heart disease, skeletal abnormalities, small penis, hypoplastic scrotum, and a Dandy-Walker like deformity of the fourth ventricle.

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