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Three Translocations Involving C- or G-group Chromosomes
  1. Yasuo Nakagome,
  2. Kazuso Iinuma,
  3. Ichiro Matsui
  1. Department of Human Genetics, National Institute of Genetics, Mishima, Japan
  2. The Division of Medical Genetics, Kanagawa Children's Medical Centre, Yokohama, Japan


    Three translocations each involving C or G chromosomes are reported. A familial translocation t(Cq+; Eq−) was identified to be rcp(6;18) (q2;q1) and two malformed children were then found to have a 46,XY(or XX),−6, +der(6) constitution. One of the carrier's pregnancy in this family was monitored by amniocentesis and a fetus was identified as being a male translocation carrier (balanced). Two other translocations were identified as rcp(11;14) (q12 or 13;q32?) and t(17;22) (p12 or 13?;q11?), respectively.

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