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Presence of Brightly Fluorescent Material in Testes of XX Males
  1. Waldemar A. Palutke,
  2. Yingsan Chen,
  3. Harold Chen
  1. Department of Pathology, Detroit General Hospital, USA
  2. Department of Medicine, Detroit General Hospital, USA
  3. Wayne State University, USA
  4. The Growth and Development Center, Children's Hospital of Michigan, Detroit, Michigan, USA


    The case of a phenotypic male with a predominantly 46,XX karyotype is presented. Examination of quinacrine mustard stained frozen sections of testicular tissue revealed that 29% of Sertoli cells contained a brightly fluorescent spot, presumably representing the Y chromosome. Interestingly, these cells were the only X chromatin negative cells observed in the testis. It is concluded that it is hazardous to regard any case as a pure `XX male' without extensive study of all available tissues, including fluorescence of testicular tissue.

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    • * This investigation was aided by the Detroit General Hospital Research Corporation.