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Association of the FcepsilonRIbeta gene with bronchial hyper-responsiveness in an Italian population.
  1. E Trabetti,
  2. V Cusin,
  3. G Malerba,
  4. L C Martinati,
  5. A Casartelli,
  6. A L Boner,
  7. P F Pignatti
  1. Institute of Biology and Genetics, University of Verona, Italy.


    A study of two DNA polymorphisms (i2 RsaI, E237G) in the gene for the beta subunit of the IgE high affinity receptor (FcepsilonRIbeta) was performed in 168 Italian families with atopic asthmatic children. The prevalence of the E237G allele in the Italian population was 4%, so this polymorphism was unsuitable for this study. The i2 RsaI polymorphism minor allele frequency was 44%, and it had a PIC value of 0.37. Linkage analysis indicated a significant allele sharing in affected sib pairs for bronchial hyper-responsiveness (BHR, p=0.048), but not for allergic asthma. These data indicate an association of bronchial hyper-responsiveness with the FcepsilonRIbeta gene.

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