J Med Genet 33:429-431 doi:10.1136/jmg.33.5.429
  • Research Article

A new case of fibrochondrogenesis from Spain.

  1. M L Martínez-Frías,
  2. A García,
  3. J Cuevas,
  4. J I Rodríguez,
  5. M Urioste
  1. ECEMC, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Complutens, Madrid, Spain.


      A rare, neonatally lethal chondrodysplasia with histological characteristics was first described in 1978 and the authors named the condition fibrochondrogenesis. Here we report the eighth published case of fibrochondrogenesis. This was identified in a population of 1,158,067 consecutive livebirths, so we can assume that this figure should be the minimal prevalence for livebirths.